ICPA Current Honorable Donors:


Thank you again to the Chiro.Org for generously donating to the ICPA Research department. For eight consecutive years Chiro.Org has generously donated and helped support the ICPA research department. Chiro. org started back in early 1995 where a few chiropractors started a website link to provide chiropractors with the pertinent information for the Chiropractic profession. It was created by chiropractors and for chirorpactors.

Their support has helped the ICPA research projects that our ICPA members participate in through the Practice Based Research Network studies. The ICPA has also published in major health related journals such as Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing, Integrative Cancer Therapies and the Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine.

The ICPA Research department has been able to produce research on pediatrics and pregnancy. We are so excited for the opportunity to grow Chiropractic Research. Thank you Chiro .org for contributing to the sucess of the future of Chirorpactic Wellness Care.

Thank you for your continual support to the ICPA mission! Please view our other honored donors of 2010 and 2011