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Thanks to the ICPA Donors!

The following members have shown their generosity and comittment to the I.C.P.A. by donating funds to various projects related to: Research, Training, Education. Their support and generosity offers us the funding to achieve excellence in family care. We are truly grateful for their comittment and dedication to fulfilling our mission.

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2010 ICPA Donors

ICPA Research Donations


Chiropractors of Chiro.org group

$300 - $999

Danita Thomas Heagy, DC

Up to $299

Melody Heydinger, DC

Michelle Rose, DC

Adam McKenzie, DC

Ron Robinson, DC

Matthew Allen, DC

David Martin, DC

Douglas and Laura Swift

Network for Good

Ryan French, DC

Trish Spink

Jim Nopper

Inez McAllister

Marc Comtois

Cara Hall, DC & Michael Hall, DC

Jennifer Liming, DC

Rajeev & Jennifer Connors, DC

Terry Morey

Rachel Holthaus, DC

Paula Reynolds, DC

Chis Akey, DC

Diane Silverstone-Moffat

Jonas Marry, DC

Suzanne and Christopher Verity

Michael Phillips

Sandra Lainhart

Matthew Allen, DC

Dr. Mindi Palmer Fried- Doctors with a Heart Day Donors

Dr. Melinda Palmer Fried

Mary Dettloff

Laura Fortin


Dr. Katherine Kadin- Doctors with a Heart Day Donors

Katherine Kadin, DC

Carlos Vincente and Digna Hernandez

Kristin Mirsky

Brendon Colburn

Yenis Reyes Sanchez

Dr. Anjum Khiliji

Mario Paulo Bengson

Dr. Donald Gerken- Doctors with a Heart Day Donors

Donald Gerken, DC

Rina Mariel Cota Noriega

Alex and Kimberly Ortiz

Dr. Claudia Anrig-Doctor's With a Heart Day Donors

Claudia Anrig, DC

Huldy Anrig and Ernst Anrig, DC

Janis Keifer

John and Debra Pellouso

Nancy Nelson


Douglas Sullivan- Spinal Screenings

Broome County Chiropractic

Adam McKenzie